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Can You Clean Marble Floors with Bleach? (Explained)

Having marble tiles as a flooring solution on a house helps to enhance the beauty and reflects the class and personality of the house owner. It is commonly known and used for its luxurious and royal appearance.

In today’s article, we will discuss if you can clean marble floors with bleach. 

Cleaning marble floors with bleach

You should not use any harsh chemicals or acid-based cleaners on marble floors because the acidic or alkaline chemicals present in bleach and vinegar can burn and dull the marble. However, you can use mild soap or natural cleaning solutions to clean the marble floor and disinfect them easily. 

Choosing the right type of flooring solutions for your home is one of the essential parts of decorating your home because it will be the most noticed part. In addition to that, there are different types of flooring solutions available in the market. 

Many people tend to choose marble flooring solutions for their homes because they will provide them with a royal and luxurious appearance. 

In addition to that, marble is also used in kitchen countertops to make them exceptionally beautiful, with a matte finish. Some of the common facts that keep the marble flooring solution ahead of the other flooring solutions are that it is very durable. 

It is also available in different designs and a range of colors. The marble flooring solution is an expensive flooring solution that will provide you with a royal and luxurious appearance. 

So, it is important to maintain the glaze and beauty of the tiles by cleaning them regularly. Maintaining the marble flooring solutions will help to extend its lifespan. 

There are many cleaners available in the market that you can use to clean the marble flooring.

If you decide to use a bleaching solution to clean the marble flooring, it may not be a good idea. The bleaching solution contains powerful acidic compounds that can burn and dull your marble. 

As a result, your marble flooring will lose its glaze and look old. You can try using a mild bleaching solution or add some water solution with it to make it mild. 

The bleaching solution will help to eliminate all the germs and bacteria as well as the stains from the marble surface. 

That is why it can also be used as a disinfectant. Using the bleaching solution, along with the water solution will help to maintain the hygiene of the floor. Prolonged use of bleaching solutions must be avoided. 

Generally, if you directly use a bleaching solution on marble flooring, it will start to corrode or eat away the marble. 

There are some other cleaning solutions available in the market that you can use to maintain the expensive marble flooring solution of your house so that it can maintain the glaze of the stones even after a decade.  

Can you use Clorox bleach cleaner on marble? 

Marble flooring is considered an expensive and luxurious flooring solution that many people tend to use on their houses, as well as kitchens and bathrooms. It provides a matte finish on the floor and makes it look more premium. 

As the marble flooring solution is expensive, it is highly recommended to maintain it by cleaning frequently. You may consider using a bleaching solution such as Clorox bleach cleaner on the marble flooring solution.

But it is harmful and can cause irreparable damage to the marble countertops as well as flooring. So, they can disinfect the floor, but they can take the glaze away from the stone surface and cause etching. 

That is why you should always avoid using Clorox bleach cleaner to apply on marble surfaces. You can simply wipe the marble surface using a microfiber cloth. In addition to that, if you want to remove any stains from the surface, try using mild dish soap.

3 reasons why you should not use bleach on marble floors  

Marble flooring solution is considered one of the most expensive and luxurious flooring solutions that people tend to use in their houses. 

It provides you with a luxurious and premium matte finish that will enhance the beauty of your floor as well as the kitchen countertops. The marble flooring is excessively durable and long-lasting. 

However, it does not require any expensive maintenance. You need to clean the marble flooring frequently so that the flooring solution does not start aging. 

If you consider using a bleaching solution on marble flooring as well as the kitchen countertops, you should avoid using it. 

Bleaching solution consists of harmful chemical compounds that can start to damage your marble flooring. 

In addition to that, it can start chemical burns and dull marble. Below is a brief discussion on a few reasons why you should not use breach con marble floors:

It can cause corrosion: 

One of the main reasons you should not use bleaching solutions on marble floors is that the bleaching solution contains acidic and alkaline elements that can start to corrode and eat away the marble. 

It will take away the glaze: 

It is highly recommended to avoid using bleaching solution on marble flooring because it contains a harmful chemical mixture that can cause a chemical burn and dull your marble. 

Damages the polish layer: 

The bleaching solution is made using chemical compounds such as calcium oxychloride. In addition to that, it also contains hydrogen peroxide that can cause damage to the Polish layer of marble floors.

How to clean marble floor with bleaching powder?  

Marble flooring is considered one of the most commonly used flooring solutions in household kitchens and bathrooms. 

The elegant look of the marble flooring solution provides your house and kitchen countertop floorings with a royal and expensive appearance. That is why many people tend to choose marble flooring solutions for their houses. 

As a part of the maintenance, the marble flooring solution should be cleaned after a certain time. That is why you can try using bleaching powder to clean the marble flooring. 

However, the bleaching powder contains harmful chemical materials that can cause significant damage to the marble flooring. 

You can still clean your marble floor if it is light-colored using bleaching powder. You can simply follow the steps below to clean the marble flooring using bleaching powder:  

Fill a bucket with water: 

The first thing you need to do to clean the marble floor is to take a bucket and fill it with water. 

Prepare the mixture: 

Once you fill the bucket with water, you need to prepare the mixture to clean the marble floor. For that, you need to make a 6% hydrogen peroxide or bleach solution using warm water. Be very careful when preparing the mixture and maintain the ratio. 

Apply it on the surface: 

Take a sponge or soft cloth to apply the solution to the stained marble floor. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before you wipe the spot with a clean microfiber cloth and rinse.

What is the best way to clean marble floors?  

The marble floor has symbolized elegance and luxury throughout the years. It has a natural color and texture that goes perfectly with the home. Listen to that. The marble floors are chosen by people for their durability and longevity. 

Although marble floors are a very expensive and premium type of flooring solution, they still need maintenance and cleaning. 

So, you need to be very careful when maintaining them and cleaning them as a part of maintenance. 

You should also choose the right product to clean the marble floors to keep them looking at their best. Generally, dust and loose dirt can cause minor damage and scratches to the. 

Generally, dust and art can cause minor damage and scratches to the marble floor. That is why they should be dry dust mopped at least twice a week. Below is a brief discussion on some best ways you can use to clean marble floors:  

Clean up spills and stains: 

It is very important to clean up the spills and stains from the marble floor by wiping it down with a microfiber fabric. This will help to maintain the quality of the marble floor. 

Mop the dust and dirt: 

The best way to clean the dust and dirt that is trapped in the marble floors is to mop them using a disposable dry sweeper mop. As a result, it will help to ensure deep cleaning. 

Use mild dish soap: 

Finally, you can try using mild dish soap and scrubbing them over marble floors. Finally, let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinse it with normal water. This is how you can easily clean the marble floors. 

Final thoughts 

Marble floors are considered an expensive and durable flooring solution that most people tend to have in their house as well as kitchen countertops. You should not use bleaching solution on marble floors as it contains harmful chemical compounds that can cause corrosion and damage.