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Can You Add Food Coloring to Candy Melts? (Explained)

There is a wide range of candy melts available in the market but it’s not always the color we want. Colored candy melts also tend to cost more than regular white ones.

Instead of wasting time searching for the right color, you might be wondering if you can add food coloring to candy melts. That sounds like a great plan but can you add any type of food coloring to candy melts? Let’s find out!

Can you add food coloring to candy melts?

You can add food coloring to candy melts depending on what type of food coloring it is. There are several brands that work on making food coloring for candy melts. These food colorings are oil-based. Only these can be used to color candy melts. Gel or water-based food coloring cannot be used. 

Food coloring can be used on candy melts, especially when they are white. There are many types of food coloring and not all of them can be used on candy melts. 

Can you add gel food coloring to candy melts?

It is not advised to add gel food coloring to candy melts since it is water-based whereas candy melts are oil-based. The water from the gel can turn the melts lumpy and unusable. But there are ways to make gel food coloring suitable for candy melts.

To do this, you should heat it and ensure that it is at the same temperature as the candy melts. Add the gel food coloring slowly and mix it properly so that it does not get clotted.

Can you add liquid food coloring to candy melts?

It is not the wisest idea to add liquid food coloring to candy melts. Similar to gel food coloring, liquid food coloring is water-based whereas candy melts are oil-based. Candy melts do not work with the regular liquid food colors.

Some people apply a bit of vegetable oil to the liquid food coloring before adding it to the candy melts. This way, they might combine.

Can you add food coloring to Wilton candy melts?

You can add food coloring to Wilton Candy melts. In fact, they specialize in making food coloring for candy melts. They are called Primary Candy Color Sets and the Garden Candy Color Sets. They have the following colors: blue, red, orange, yellow, pink, black, violet, and green.

You can also combine the colors to make new colors for your candy melts.

What happens when you add food coloring to candy melts?

In order to know what happens when you add coloring to candy melts, you should read the section below –

Lighten and Darken:

The changes in colors can be drastic depending on what color you’re trying to achieve. You might get a few shades darker than what you wanted.

This is why it’s always better to add one drop at a time to see how the color works out with the candy melts. Mix it well before adding the next drop. If you’ve already darkened it more than you wanted, you can add some white candy melt to balance off. 

Mix to create a new color:

You can also mix two different food coloring to make a new shade for your candy melts. Start with a white candy melt so that the colors mix easily.

This is especially required if you’re trying to create a dark color such as dark blue or purple.

The mixture could seize:

This happens when you add the wrong type of food coloring such as water-based or the usual, alcohol-based food coloring. They are not meant for candy melts. Lumps could form, ruining your candy melt completely.

This is why you should always try to use oil-based food coloring for candy melts. Otherwise, your mixture will become chunky and thick.

How do you add food coloring to candy melts?

Following few simple steps can lead you to add food coloring to candy melts easily –

Find an appropriate way to melt your white candy melts: 

Candy melts can be melted in 3 ways, by using a microwave, melting pot, or a double broiler. The microwave is the best appliance to use.

Place your candy melts in a glass or ceramic bowl because they conduct heat better.

This allows the heat to distribute evenly in the microwave. Ensure that all the utensils and bowls you use are dry so that no water or moisture mixes with the candy melts.

Microwave only 30 seconds at a time depending on the power wattage of your microwave. Overheating can cause your candy melts to scorch. Too much heat will change its consistency and make it thick.

Knead the candy melts during the 15 or 30-second intervals. If you don’t have a microwave, use a melting pot with the ‘melt’ option. 

Add the oil-based food coloring:

Once out of the oven, check if your candy melts are thick or not. If they are a bit too thick, add some vegetable oil or oil flakes to thin out the texture.

Start with one drop of oil-based food coloring at a time into the bowl of candy melts and use a spoon or spatula to stir. Do not use a wooden spoon. Mix well.

Add more coloring:

Add more drops if needed. It’s simpler to darken the shade. Once you’re done adding the candy melts to your cake pops or other desserts, let it set at room temperature. If you’re in a rush, you can set them in the fridge. 

How to color Candy Melts candy with oil-based food coloring?

Oil-based food coloring is great for creating pastel colors. As mentioned in the earlier steps, first purchase white candy melts. If they are yellowish after being melted, you can add white oil-based food coloring to make them look completely white.

Add only one drop of oil-based food coloring at a time. You can also use a toothpick to add color to the candy melts. This way the color combination will be controlled. Mix the colors using a spoon. Stir properly before adding more drops of color. 

If you’re using multiple colors, remember to clean the toothpick and spoon while changing colors. Otherwise, you might not get your desired color. 

How to make black candy melts?

Most black candy melts are not fully black. Once you melt them, you’ll realize they are rather in the shade of gray than black. Some are blue too. This is why to make black candy melts, many people use black food coloring to solve this issue. 

Adding a few drops of black food coloring will help you achieve the deep and dark black color you want. Make sure the food coloring you use is oil-based and not liquid-based or else your mixture will go to waste. 

If you can’t find black candy melts, you can do the same with white candy melts by adding black food coloring. You can also mix similar-toned melts to create a black shade. If you want a charcoal color, mix black and white candy melts. 

Add more white candy melts than black at a 1:3 ratio to get the charcoal color.

Is gel food coloring water based?

Yes, gel food coloring is water-based because its ingredients include water. Other ingredients include corn syrup or glycerin base. It is not the same as liquid food coloring as gel food coloring is quite concentrated. It produces a very dark color with only a small amount.

There are two types of gel food coloring. One is liquid gel dye and another is gel paste dye. You can also use the liquid gel dye interchangeably with liquid food coloring. However, limit the amount of food coloring you put as gel dye is saturated. 

The liquid gel dye can be hard to find as there are not many brands selling it but you can find gel paste dyes readily. They are sold in small pots or jars since a small amount can be used for a large batch. 

Gel food coloring is best when you’re aiming for a bold and vibrant look. But they are not ideal to be used on candy melts as they are water-based. 

Are candy melts chocolate?

Although candy melts have a similar taste, texture, and appearance as chocolate, they are not the same. They act like chocolate too but they do not contain any cocoa. Sugar and vegetable oils are the main ingredients in candy melts.

While using chocolates, you require a process called tempering which brings out the glossy look of chocolates and allows them to break smoothly. For this, you need temperature precision and a candy thermometer.

Candy melts do not require the tempering process nor the thermometers. This is why candy melts are easy to use for beginners.  

They come in various flavors and colors which makes them a key decorative element. They are popularly used in cake pops. Candy melts are not the same as chocolate, but there are chocolate-flavored candy melts available that are made with cocoa powder.

Can you put food Colouring in melted chocolate?

Yes, you can put food coloring in melted chocolate. Ensure that the food color you add is oil-based. You can add the colors into the melted chocolate, the same way we do for candy melts. 

Use a toothpick to gently add the colors and stir properly until you get your desired shade. Do not use the same toothpick repeatedly as the colors can get mixed up. 

Can you use gel food coloring in chocolate?

Gel food coloring can be used to color chocolates. But make sure the gel food coloring is heated to the same temperature as the melted chocolate, similar to candy melts. Slowly add the colors and stir properly because gel coloring can curdle.

However, oil-based food coloring is the best option for lighter colors.

Final Thoughts:

You can put food coloring to candy melts as long as they are oil-based. Other types are not suitable for candy melts as they can cause the mixture to seize. Oil-based food coloring is widely available and there are certain ones made specifically for candy melts.