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Can Quails Fly? (All You Need to Know)

Quails are families of Odontophoridae and Phisianidae with orders of Galliformes. The quail’s flying abilities are the same as their families. For knowing the quail’s flying properties, you have to know that of their families.

Though they are lightweight and vibrant birds, that doesn’t confirm they can fly. However, small-tailed birds don’t usually fly, and quail have such a tail. Are you confused with these juxtaposing opinions? Let’s clear your confusion.

Can quails fly?

Quails can fly but will only do so when they need to. They have all the characteristics that birds require for flying. The quails fly at a maximum of 40 mph (64 kph) for about 91 meters. They can’t make long flights, and so they make flights within short distances. 

Can common quail fly?

Common quail can fly. Though you can rarely see quails flying, they possess the ability to fly even if the quail is of a common type. Moreover, all kinds of quail can fly more or less. 

You will find most quails running. So, you may assume that they cannot fly. All quails actually have the latent flying capability; however, common quails don’t show themselves since flying requires a lot of energy. 

For example, quails can fly escaping from predators, catching prey, or simply saving themselves from adversities. Except for these cases, common quail don’t fly.

At what age can a quail fly?

Quails can fly at the age of two weeks. With that being said, chicks are not found fully independent until 3 to 4 weeks. Though it is earlier than the usual flying age, chicks don’t showcase their flying capabilities, just the same as their adult counterparts. 

In detail, the young quails’ father and mother are caring about their chicks. So, the chicks remain with their parents and learn to fly in flocks. They learn better in congregations than in singles. 

After they learn flying and are 100% independent, they leave their parents and build nests on their own.

Can quail fly long distances?

Quail can’t fly long distances. Flying longer than a specific range of distance is exhausting and nearly impossible for little quails. 

The reason behind this short fly lies in their capability. Quail’s body structure is almost ideal for flying. However, they have such a small wingspan, and their size is also short. As a result, they run out of energy quickly. 

Because of a shortage of stamina, the quails are not able to fly long distances.

How fast can a quail fly?

A quail can fly within the range of 30 to 40 mph. While it might seem too low compared to the other birds, it is a quail’s best range for flying speed. For example, the average flying rate of a typical bird is 240 mph, which is six times the flying speed of the quails. 

However, the range may vary depending on the situation and the type of quails. The quails can increase their flying speed if they are in danger, or their predators are chasing them. 

Moreover, there is variety in quails. Some species of quails may fly better than the others.

How far can a quail fly?

A quail can fly 91 meters, which is equivalent to 100 yards the highest distance that they can cover by flying. Don’t expect a quail to fly longer than this range because they are not used to flying long distances. 

Usually, birds fly much farther than this distance. For example, the Arctic Tern, the world’s master in long-distance flying, is able to fly 44,100 miles. 

In comparison with this speed, the quails can’t fly long distances. They barely reach that 91 meters of length.

How high can a quail fly?

A quail can fly approximately 500 to 1000 meters. The reason behind this low height is again the short wingspan. Though quails are of less weight, they can’t fly as high as other birds. 

Other predators take advantage of their low-height flight. Therefore, quails fall prey to other animals. This height remains the same for all quails. 

Moreover, the birds with long wings can fly efficiently, whereas the quails can’t. That’s because their short wings don’t help them to escape the friction of wind. 

How high can a quail fly with clipped wings?

A quail with clipped wings can fly at very low heights, lower than the usual height of 1000 m. This fact implies that clipped wings are not helpful for quails at all. Instead, they are detrimental to their flying capability. 

Birds need solid muscles for flying, but these clippings impede the scope of their muscle’s expansion. After living with the clipping for years, quails find it challenging to fly. As a result, their flying height decreases. 

In addition, it is observed that quails without clipped wings can fly higher than quails with clippings.

Why do quail run rather than fly?

Quails have several interesting reasons for running rather than flying. And most of the causes are tied to their habitat, the place within which they grow up. 

The following points are responsible for quail’s preference of running over flying:

Availability of food:

The quails eat worms and other foods available on the ground. For example, they eat grubs, spiders, and any other bugs found on the ground. That’s why they don’t need to reach heights for food hunting. 

Suitability of environment:

Mildly warm, moist temperature, and closer to the ground environment are perfect for the quails. All these factors they can get in ground other than burning themselves with the scorching sunlight in the sky. 

Predators free habitat:

As mentioned before, the favorable habitat is the crucial reason for the quail’s preference of grounds. These quails usually live in flocks in woodland chaparrals where you will barely find any of their predators. 

Based on the reasons above, imagine a quail saying, “We have everything available in grounding. Why take the pain of arduous high flights?”

How do you stop quails flying?

There are several ways to stop your quails from flying if you feel the need to do so. 

Regardless of the reason, one way to keep the quails from flying is clipping their wings. However, keep in mind that this may permanently work for the quails. In other words, they may not be able to fly anymore if you clip their wings. 

Another way is to trim their wings. Unlike the previous one, this is a temporary way because the wings can grow quickly. Consequently, the quails can regain their flying capability.

Do quail fly south for the winter? Do quail migrate?

Quails don’t fly south for the winter; neither do they migrate. Instead, they are experts at finding favorable places in winter to keep themselves safe. 

Birds usually migrate or fly south to escape from the adversities of winter. Since quails find their winter shelters easily, they stay in those shelters throughout the cold season. 

In the case of surviving in winter, quails also use their demeanor of remaining in flocks. If one quail finds a shelter for winter, it lets the others know by signals. 

Thus, they benefit from their teamwork and don’t require migration.

Do quails fly away?

Quails do fly away because they are flying birds. You can still pet quails if you want. However, you have to be careful so that they don’t flee. 

These birds are used to specific habitats—for example, a place of less light and more controlled temperature. Moreover, housing fully contained is a requirement for setting their habitats—whether it is a cage or perch. 

Additionally, most people house these birds for meat and eggs. However, you should also take care of your egg-yielding quails’ needs.

Do quail fly into trees?

Quail flies into trees for specific reasons. However, that place is not their favorite. Quails’ most preferable habitat is ground. But they fly to trees when critical circumstances arise. 

You may find quails roost on the trees. That is their way of preventing the predators from them. 

Another reason for their tree stay is sheltering from cold weather. Many quails, such as the male California quails, perch on a random tree and act as if the tree were their territory in winter. 

Thus, quails protect themselves from predators, cold and other difficulties by flying to trees.

Do quail fly in rain?

Quails don’t fly in the rain. Rainy seasons are a curse for the quails and their eggs. As they remain busy saving those eggs, they are unwilling to fly in the rain. 

Though there are many birds that can assume the weather condition, quails don’t belong to that group. Their eggs and nests get washed away with rainy water before they can realize it. 

As a consequence, when it starts to rain, these at the eleventh-hour workers engage in saving their nests.

Do quail fly at night?

Quails can fly at night. Weird but true, they have the characteristics of both diurnal and nocturnal animals. Does that mean they don’t sleep? Yes, they do but at odd times of the day. 

Moreover, all nocturnal animals fly and hunt at night. Like these nocturnal animals, quails also remain in full swing at night. Furthermore, they look for hunts. 

However, species play a significant role in whether they are diurnal or nocturnal animals. So, a particular species of quails fly at night while the others may not. 

Quails are great at flying, but they love to keep this skill up to snuff. That’s why human beings may not observe their flights. Quails’ unique flying capability assists them in various adversities. So, flying is an essential skill for them though they don’t fly like other birds.