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Can Peel and Stick Tile Be Used Outside? (Answered)

When choosing cost-effective and renter-friendly tiles, peel and stick tiles are one of the best. Generally, peel and stick tiles are easy to use since it has adhesive material on the backside. So, peeling and sticking are convenient.

But you might be confused about whether peel and stick tile can be used outside or not. You might have been confused about the durability and quality of these tiles.

So, you have to ensure the properties and good qualities of peel and stick tile. Moreover, knowing about the consequences and process of using peel and stick tile outside is essential.

Can peel and stick tile be used outside?

You can use peel and stick tile outside. It will provide different colors and styles. Peel and stick tiles are also cost-effective and easy to apply. These tiles are also waterproof. But it might not offer the durability of traditional tiles. So, using these tile outside has both pros & cons.

Peel and stick tiles are like stickers. But these tiles have multilayers. Peel and stick tiles are generally made with vinyl. Moreover, glass, stone, metal, etc., are also used for making peel and stick tiles. The name implies that these tiles have adhesive materials on one side.

The application process is pretty straightforward. Moreover, peel and stick tiles come in various colors, patterns, and styles. So, you can decorate with these tiles. That’s why many people use peel and stick tile outside.

People might use these tiles on the wall or floor. But these tiles will give an attractive finish and outlook outside. If you think about diversity and style, you can use peel and stick tiles outside.

You might think that these tiles will not be waterproof. But peel and stick tiles are water-resistant. Because multilayer of vinyl sheets are used for making these tiles. These layers will keep water away from entering the inside edges.

But if you think about durability and qualities, you should think about a better option. Because peel and stick tiles are not permanent like conventional tiles. These tiles will have less durability than traditional tiles.

Moreover, the durability will decrease if these tiles get a lot of loads. Besides, the application method of peel and stick tiles is essential. If these tiles are not installed well, their durability will not be more.

Is peel and stick tile good for exterior use?

Peel and stick tile is suitable for exterior use. But this tile is not the best for exterior use. You can use peel and stick tile for the exterior if you think about the cost and style. Many people use peel and stick tile to decorate walls and floor for the exterior.

Moreover, peel and stick tiles will be waterproof. These tiles will save the walls and floors from water and moisture. But if these tiles are under constant moisture or water, they can be affected and become less durable over time.

These tiles will not be good for exterior use where you want to use tiles permanently. Because peel and stick tiles are not durable as the conventional tiles. So, they will degrade eventually. Moreover, if the installation is not good, these tiles will not properly stick to the surface.

Pros and cons of using peel and stick tile outside?

Now that you know, peel and stick tiles have both advantages and disadvantages. You might still be confused about using these tiles outside. So, you can decide after knowing details about the pros and cons. Let’s see the pros and cons of using peel and stick tile outside.



The first thing people might consider in using these tiles is the decoration. Because most people use this easy-to-use peel and stick tiles to get different types of colors and shades. Moreover, different patterns are available in these tiles.

So, when you plan to install something catchy and decorative outside, you can use peel and stick tiles. These tiles have a lot of variations. Moreover, different materials are used for making these tiles. So, you can choose tiles according to your preference.


You might be surprised, but peel and stick tiles are waterproof. When making these tiles, multiple layers of vinyl sheets are used. You might know that vinyl sheet is polymer and waterproof. So, the multilayer also becomes waterproof.

You might expect a couple of years of durability with this property. Moreover, if you use these tiles outside, these tiles will come close to water, moisture, rain, and different water sources.

So, waterproofing property is essential for exterior tiles. That’s why people choose peel and stick tiles for outside.

Specific place use:

Your outside wall or floor might have places protected from sunlight, water, and other elements. These areas can be used for applying peel and stick tiles. Peel and stick tiles will be the best for these places.


Another great advantage of peel and stick tiles is their cost-effectiveness. These tiles are less expensive than conventional tiles. On the other hand, the outside of your house has a large area. So, using conventional tiles outside might cost you a lot.

So, you can use peel and stick tiles to reduce the cost of installing tiles outside.

Easy to apply:

Peel and stick tiles have adhesive material on one side. This side of the tile is stuck on the surface. So, these tiles are like stickers. The installation process is pretty straightforward.


Less durable:

Peel and stick tiles are not as durable as conventional tiles. Because these tiles are not made from ceramic.

You might know that conventional tiles are made from ceramic materials. These tiles are hard and durable. So, peel and stick tiles might provide durability for a couple of years but not like the strong conventional ones.

A gradual decrease in properties:

If you use peel and stick tiles outside, these will get adverse environmental effects. For example, water, heat, moisture, chemical exposure, etc. The more effects these tiles will get, the quicker it will decrease their properties.

How to apply peel and stick tile outdoor?

Now that you know to peel and stick tile has a lot of advantages, you might want to install it. But using the appropriate process of application is essential. So, let’s see how you can apply peel and stick tile outdoor.

Cleaning the surface:

First, you have to clean the surface before applying the tiles. Because an unclean surface will not hold the adhesive material of the tiles. Moreover, correct defects, holes, inclusions, etc., from the surface to prepare it.

Using a primer:

Then you have to use a primer on the surface. Primer will make the surface ready-to-use tiles.

Measuring the area:

Then you have to measure the surface area of the wall or floor that you are using tiles. According to the size of the tiles, you can mark them on the surface. These will lead to perfect installation. Otherwise, gaps or tight tiles might create problems later.

Applying the tiles:

Now you have to peel the protective backing off. You will see the adhesive material on the back. Don’t wait too long after peeling off the backing. You need to do it fast so that the adhesive material doesn’t dry out.

You have to press the first tile in the corner according to your measurement and marking. Then place the tiles one by one in the same process. Lastly, finish the process using a roller on the installed tiles. Keep the tiles for sufficient time, and then wash the surface.

How long do peel and stick tiles last outside?

How long peel and stick tiles last outside depends on the usage and installation. Generally, you can expect at least five years of durability. Even some peel and stick tiles might last for 25 years.

If the tiles get water and moisture continuously, they will not last long.

Is there waterproof peel and stick tile?

Yes, most peel and stick tiles are waterproof. Generally, peel and stick tiles are made of different products. But often, vinyl is used to make peel and stick tiles. Vinyl is a waterproof material. So, peel and stick tiles from the vinyl sheet will also be waterproof.

Moreover, multilayer of vinyl is used to make peel and stick tiles. That’s why these tiles are waterproof.

Final Thoughts

Peel and stick tiles are great to use outside. Because these tiles are cost-effective and easy to use. Moreover, it can provide waterproof properties. Besides, if the installation is correct, these tiles can last a long. You can also use these tiles for decorating your outside wall and floor.