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Can Parakeets Eat Crackers? (All You Need to Know)

Parakeets are lovely pets. It can eat small portions of corn and other pet foods quickly. But they cannot eat everything like other birds. Therefore, you should not force your parakeets to eat whatever you prefer.

Instead, try to know your parakeet’s preference and make a proper diet chart accordingly. It will help the bird to grow naturally and be healthy. However, pet lovers get confused when they look for the solution to crackers.

They ask whether they can feed their parakeets with crackers or not. They also ask whether parakeets can eat crackers.

However, we find a practical solution in this regard. It would be best to keep reading and get the desired answer below.

Can parakeets eat crackers?

Parakeets cannot eat crackers. They love to eat seeds and other small pieces of food grains. They are not used to eating crackers. Moreover, crackers don’t have any nutritional value. If you force parakeets to eat them, they will face severe health issues, and their stomach will go wrong.

However, parakeets can only eat crackers if you make a small piece of them and then offer. But crackers don’t add any value to the parakeets’ health. In contrast, they create stomach and other diseases. So, it’s a better option to avoid offering crackers to parakeets.

Saltine crackers:

Salt is entirely toxic for parakeets’ health. Even a tiny amount of salt can ruin the entire digestive system of your beloved pet. Therefore, parakeets cannot eat saltine crackers in any case.

You must avoid any saltine crackers and delete them from the diet chart. On the other hand, ensure the diet chart does not include any salted item.

Ritz crackers:

Parakeets can eat a small part of the Ritz crackers. But it would help if you did not offer them without adding extra water. Mainly, parakeets love to have these crackers in small pieces. But they are not the ideal practice.

You should break the Ritz crackers and wet them with water. After that, offer your parakeets to eat that small portion. You can do it occasionally. Never try to treat your parakeets regularly with Ritz crackers.

Graham crackers:

This cracker is not as toxic as the usual crackers. Graham crackers come with less salt than regular crackers. But they are enriched with sugar. Though sugar is not an harmful food item for the parakeet, you should avoid it.

However, parakeets can eat graham crackers if you break them into small pieces. But it would be best to avoid it since graham crackers can also create stomach issues.

Goldfish crackers:

Parakeets can eat goldfish crackers without serious health issues. It’s fine to offer your parrot once a week and treat it with the goldfish crackers.

In addition, goldfish crackers have some health benefits as well. So, it’s a safe option. But you have to break the goldfish crackers and let your parakeets eat them.

Cheese crackers:

You should avoid giving any cheese crackers to your parakeets though they can eat cheese crackers quickly. Keep in mind; these crackers are not ideal pet food.

As a result, if your parrot depends on the cheese crackers, it will be a significant threat to its health. 

Prawn crackers:

Parakeets cannot eat the entire prawn crackers. If you break them into small parts, your parakeets will try to eat them. But the prawn crackers don’t have any nutrient values.

Therefore, it would be best to avoid giving your parakeets the prawn crackers. In fact, you should avoid all types of crackers in this regard.

Is it safe to feed parakeets crackers? How much crackers is safe for parakeets?

It is not safe to feed parakeets with crackers. Crackers don’t have any nutritional value. Also, it creates stomach issues for the parakeets. Therefore, you should avoid feeding parakeets with crackers.

In other words, crackers are made with salt. Here the salt is entirely toxic for parakeets. When they eat crackers, it also becomes a threat to their lives. That’s why you must avoid crackers and try some seeds and small grains.

If you love to treat your parakeets with crackers, you can give them 1-2 saltines crackers in a week or month. This amount of crackers is safe for the parakeet’s health. Anything more than that is injuries to their lives.

Researchers and animal experts always advise people to avoid crackers. They create severe health issues for the parakeets. So, it would be a wise decision to avoid crackers altogether.

Five reasons why you should avoid giving parakeets crackers? ‎Why are salty snacks bad for parakeets?

You should avoid giving parakeets crackers. The salty snacks are terrible for the birds. They create severe internal and stomach issues.

Keep reading to know more about the top 5 reasons why you should avoid giving parakeets crackers.

Salt is harmful to parakeet:

Salty snacks or crackers are made with a high amount of salt. It enhances the taste of the crackers. However, the parakeets can’t eat salt since it is toxic to the stomach of the parakeets.

That’s the first reason why you should avoid giving your parakeets crackers and salty snacks.

Hard in texture:

Crackers are not soft. They are complex, and it becomes a burden to the parakeets to break the crackers and eat. Therefore, they cannot eat the entire crackers in any way.

But if you break the crackers and offer them to the parakeets, they will eat somehow. But they won’t be able to digest. That’s the second reason why you should avoid giving your parakeets crackers and salty snacks.

Difficult to eat:

Salty snacks include cookies, and other crackers-type snacks are difficult to eat for the parakeets. Basically, parakeets love to eat seeds and this type of pet food.

However, if you give or feed that food to your parakeets, they will get hurt in the long run. That’s why you should avoid providing salty snacks and crackers.

Don’t have nutrition:

The following reason is the nutrient value. Crackers don’t have any nutritional value. Therefore, you should avoid giving your parakeets crackers and salty snacks.

They are not pet food:

The final and 5th reason is that crackers and salty snacks are not pet food. No one will suggest you use crackers as pet food. Therefore, you must avoid giving crackers to your parakeets.

What kind of crackers can parakeets eat?

Parakeets can eat graham crackers if you break them into small pieces. Also, you can use unsalted crackers for your parakeets.

Parakeets love to eat almost anything without salt. But you must avoid giving it crackers. Only graham and unsalted crackers are the safe options for the parakeets.

Apart from these two crackers, you cannot try anything else. Please avoid all types of crackers.

What snacks can parakeets eat?

There are some valuable snacks that the parakeets can eat. But not the crackers. In that case, read this listicle-based answer to find the best snacks for your parakeets.


Seeds are the best snack for your parakeets. They love to eat seeds regularly. Moreover, they are safe and sound for the parakeets’ health. Also, parakeets can quickly eat seeds.


You can try some different fruits as snacks for your parakeets. They will love to eat sweet fruits. Parakeets fly and search for the fruit tree.

The fruit has all the nutrients value that helps the birds get a healthy life. They meet their needs through fruits. So, fruits could be an ideal snack for your parakeets as they can eat fruits.


Here comes another exciting and favorite snack of the parakeets. However, nuts have different vitamins and proteins that help birds grow naturally.

Therefore, you can surely use the nuts as a snack item for your parakeets. Parakeets can eat nuts quickly.

What should you not feed parakeets?

You should not feed crackers to your parakeets. It’s the first thing you should avoid giving to the parakeet. But there are more.

We have come with a list of food items that you should not feed parakeets. They are:

  • Crackers
  • Salty snacks
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • High sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Dairy products
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • High-fat foods

These are the ten most dangerous food items with which you should not feed the parakeets. However, there are some fundamental reasons why you should avoid them.

If you read the previous two sections, you know why they are unsafe. However, all the above food items create health issues for parakeets. In Particular, they become toxic to the parakeets’ stomachs.

Therefore, you must avoid them. Try some seeds and other safe pet foods for your parakeets.

Final Thoughts

Parakeets cannot eat crackers. In particular, they cannot eat salty crackers and cookies. If you make small pieces of the crackers, parakeets can eat them. But they are not safe for the parakeet’s health. They create toxins into the parakeet’s stomach. Thus, they ruin the entire digestive system.