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Can I Use a Regular Dremel for Nails? (Read This First!)

You must know that a Dremel can be used for any kind of cutting/trimming task. So if you already own a regular Dremel at your home, it can incite you to learn about whether or not you can use a regular Dremel for your nails. 

So, without further ado, let’s learn about the explanations concerning this topic. 

Can I Use A Regular Dremel For Nails?

A regular Dremel can be used for nails as long as the Dremel comes with an adjustable shaft that will give amazing control over nail cuts that one wants to get for his/her nails. However, the most essential thing is using the most suitable Dremel attachment for achieving a pro touch to nails.

Certain features must be included and removed from the regular Dremel to meet up the requirements of nails. Therefore, only if the bit as well as the bands are changed for human nails, a regular Dremel can indeed be used for nails. 

The other way of turning a regular Dremel into a perfect Dremel for nails is that by attaching an adaptable shaft and a foot pedal to the Dremel.

So try to find a regular Dremel with multi speed functionality because the setting of such a re Dremel is perfect for nails. 

It’s because when it’s a regular Dremel with a flexible shaft, one will have more control over the Dremel while cutting the nails as it will allow regulating the file not to file off extra from the nails than expected. 

Also, always choose the correct grit number for a regular Dremel to make it a tool for nails. 

Can I Use Regular Dremel For My Nails And Acrylic Nails? 

Not all regular Dremels are meant for human nails, so whether you can use a regular Dremel for your nails or not mostly depends on the grit number of its attachments.

Therefore, as long as you are choosing the right attachments, a sandpaper disk of 120, 180, or 240 grit, and a felt material attachment for a regular Dremel, you can use a regular Dremel for your nails. 

Remember that sandpaper with a higher grit number is less coarse. 

Moreover, a regular Dremel can be used for acrylic nails as well because Dremel can be used for cutting anything. But in this case, you have to attach 60, 80, and 100 grit sandpaper pads to the Dremel because these pads turn a regular Dremel into a pro tool for shaping your acrylic nails. If you are a first-time Dremel user, use a higher grit pad on Dremel for safety purposes. 

What Dremel Bit Is To Use For Acrylic Nails?

What Dremel bits you should use for your Acrylic nails depends on the purposes you want that Dremel bit to use for. Because depending on the purposes such as shaping, polishing, etc. Dremel bits vary from one to another. 

Emery Tool:

Emery tool is a shaping Dremel bit that shapes acrylic nails and gives a smooth finish at the edges of nails. Use this but with a sanding band. 

Buffing Tool:

Buffing tool is a Dremel bit that is used for polishing nails to a healthy-looking shine, drives back the cuticles, and helps stimulate the development of real nails. 

Shaping Tool:

It flattens out and softens extra coarse nails and throbbed surfaces. 

Fine Shaping Tool:

This Dremel bit carves in nail corners and places where it’s difficult to reach. 

Cuticle Pusher:

It peels off dried skin, keeps the cuticles near as well as cleanses calluses. 

What Dremel Tool To Use For Toenails And Calluses? 

The Dremel tool from the Dremel 7700 series is a good Dremel tool that can be used for human toenails.

It’s a cordless and rechargeable Dremel tool and has been used by the podiatrists. This Dremel tool is incredibly convenient and can be controlled for 2 speeds. So you can handle it easily and make sure your toenails care anywhere. 

Besides, Dremel 100-N/7 Single Speed Rotary Tool Kit, Dremel 225-01 Flex Shaft Attachment are good Dremel tools to use for toenails. 

Dremel moto-tool can be used for reducing the calluses and corns. Use a battery-type Dremel moto-tool with medium-grit sandpaper for calluses. 

Is Dremel A Bad Thing For Your Nails?

If you are not appropriately trained in using a Dremel tool and with human nail structure, a Dremel can very badly damage the nail beds, and for incidents like this a Dremel is considered a bad thing for your or other persons’ nails. 

Typically, a Dremel works too fast, therefore, it’s quite susceptible for the tool to cause divots in human nail beds which makes the nail beds more vulnerable than before.

So if you are not cautious, don’t have control over the Dremel, and are not trained, a Dremel is really a bad thing for your nails. 

Can I Use Regular Dremel For My Dog Nails?

A regular Dremel that you already own works just as functional as any pet Dremel while grinding down a pup’s nails, thence, you indeed and safely can use a regular Dremel to grind your dog’s nails. 

The only advantage of using a pet Dremel is, it comes with an oval shape which is quite easier to use for a dog’s nails than a regular bigger-sized Dremel.

However, even though regular Dremel is larger, it will just perfectly suit your four-legged furry buddy’s feet. 

Also, remember not to choose any heavy-duty power tool like the grinder for your dog’s feet. And be very cautious because Dremel gets hot and can burn your pup’s paw.

What Dremel Bit To Use For Dog Nails?

Here explanations over a few good Dremel bits have been included to assist you in finding the best Dremel bit.  

Dremel 407 ½” Drum Sander:

The Dremel 407 ½” drum sander will provide a soft and smooth finish to your puppy’s nails after grinding them down.

Also, the size of this Dremel bit is well-suited for a dog’s nails and your dog’s nails will not get damaged. 

Dremel 120-Grit Sanding Bands, 438 ¼”, 6 Pack:

This Dremel bit makes an excellent option for grinding down your puppy’s nails while grooming him.

It has good grit bands which perfectly can shape your dog’s nails. This bit is well-suited for grinding little pups’ nails. 

Dremel 445 ½” 240 Grit Sanding Band, 6 Pack:

This Dremel bit is one of the most used ones as it is a very much adjustable band and offers smooth finishing to your dog’s nail. 

Does Dremel Hurt Dogs?

If you use Dremel correctly to grind your dog’s nails, it will never hurt your dog or damage your dog’s nails. Besides, Dremel is designed by keeping a dog’s safety and convenience in mind so it doesn’t hurt.  

However, the grinding sound of a Dremel and the sentiment of something rolling against your dog’s nail probably will freak him out a little. Particularly if your dog is sensitive to sounds. 

How Often Can You Dremel Dog Nails?

How frequently you can Dremel your pup’s nails depends on the growth of your pup’s nails and how frequently it is running on tough surfaces as it helps in rubbing the nails. 

In most cases, Dremeling once every week is an acceptable routine, so you are suggested to Dremel by maintaining this routine. Dremeling twice a week is also acceptable. 

Do Dremel Accessories Fit All Dremel? 

Dremel nowadays is available with a newly developed universal adapter which permits its accessories to be attached to all types of recent oscillating multi-tools.

This simply means now you can use broadly accessible Dremel Multi-Max cutters and accessories on Craftsman, Fein, Bosch, Ridgid, Rockwell, and Masterforce brands’ multi-tools. 

However, the trio accessories are limited to Dremel Trio Tool only; those can’t be interchanged with the Dremel rotary tools.  

Is An Electric Nail File The Same As Dremel?

Practically, an electric nail file and a Dremel are the same because both of them are basically rotary tools.

However, there are some slight differences between them such as electric nail files offer better control than any inexpensive Dremel’s, electric nail files are lightweight, and they are more dust tolerable than Dremel’s. 

Are Nail Drills Worth It?

Nail drills are certainly worth the money spent on the tools and the energy spent on doing nails because it helps to bring a nail salon-like result home.

Hence, with a nail drill, you can remove your acrylic nails or gel nails, can cut the calluses, can give shapes to your nails, and obviously can trim the cuticles nicely just by sitting at home. 

However, you must have enough skills and training to proceed with a nail drill on your own. 

Final Thoughts 

A regular Dremel will work perfectly for human nails as long as the Dremel is being used with the right attachments that are suitable for nails. Also, it must be made sure that a regular Dremel is attached with a flexible shaft so that the Dremel can offer more control while cutting/trimming nails.