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Can Goats Eat Chicken Feed? (Quick Answers)

Are you planning to keep your goats and chickens in the same pen? Are you wondering whether goats can eat chicken feed?

However, are you also wondering about the damaging effect that may be caused by the overconsumption of chicken feed by your goats?

Can goats eat chicken feed?

Goats can eat chicken feed in a small amount however, excessive consumption of chicken feed will lead to damaging effects such as bloating, dehydration, respiratory problems, diarrhea, vomiting, and so on. Therefore, it is best to make sure that your goats aren’t exposed to any chicken feed.

It is really important to be aware of the fact whether or not your goats can consume chicken scratch feed and chicken layer feed so that you can decide accordingly.

Chicken Scratch Feed: 

Goats cannot eat chicken scratch feed. Accordingly, the consumption of chicken scratch feed will not result in any benefits for your goats rather it will cause bloating problems which will eventually lead to diarrhea.

Chicken Layer Feed:

Goats should not eat chicken layer feed because it contains high levels of proteins and grains which when consumed by your goats in a heavy amount can cause dehydration and can also lead to a lack of alkaline in goats’ rumen.

Therefore, it is best to keep your chicken layer feed away from goats to ensure a healthy diet for your goats.

Why shouldn’t goats eat chicken feed?

There is a myriad of different reasons why your goats shouldn’t be exposed to eating chicken feed. Accordingly, being knowledgeable about the proper reasons can help you to mold your decisions accordingly.

Unbalanced Food Elements: 

One of the most common reasons why goats shouldn’t eat chicken feed is regarding the herbivores nature of goats and the omnivorous nature of chickens.

In addition, chicken feed is manufactured for chickens only because the chicken feed has protein, grains, and concentrates induced within it which is fine as long as chickens that are omnivorous in nature will eat such formulated feed.

However, goats being herbivores animals, do not really need protein rather they will mainly live on grass, foliage, fiber, and so on.

Therefore, the need for fibrous food which is much needed to give a balanced diet for your goats cannot be replaced by chicken feed which is protein-based.

Digestive Related Problems:

These misbalanced food elements will only end up making your goats bloat and have digestive diseases.

In addition, goats rumen contains a lot of bacteria that are beneficial for the digestion system. 

Accordingly, this rumen originally has an alkaline part however, when chicken feed which has a high amount of protein and grains is consumed by your goats, it can cause the rumen to become more acidic.

In addition, the microbes that help in digestion will be disrupted due to the sudden change in pH level.

Moreover, this will only result in gas-related problems or bloating which will eventually lead to diarrhea, dehydration, and vomiting.

Excessive Grain Intake:

Another reason why goats shouldn’t be exposed to chicken feed is due to the excessive grain that is found in chicken feed which when consumed by goats can have a detrimental effect on them as excessive grains can lead to enterotoxaemia and bloating issues.

Accordingly, these high intakes of grain will also lead to the production of lactic acid which can cause goats to have poor respiration systems and to have hypoxia.

What to do if goats eat chicken feed?

Consumption of chicken feed by your goats can literally have a damaging effect on your goats.

Accordingly, being knowledgeable about the proper steps to follow to treat the consequences of overconsumption of chicken feed will help you to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Make a Charcoal Paste:

The most effective thing you can do in a situation where your goats have eaten a huge amount of chicken feed is related to making a charcoal paste.

Accordingly, all you need to do is that you need to make this charcoal paste, especially before the signs of overconsumption of chicken feed starts to be prominent in goats.

In addition, the usage of this paste will help in absorbing all the toxins from the chicken feed which will lessen the negative reaction that your goats might have faced prior to giving charcoal paste.

Baking Soda:

Another first aid treatment that you can do to remedy the negative consequences of overconsumption of chicken feed by your goats is related to the usage of baking soda.

Accordingly, all you need to do is that you need to use some cooking oils and baking soda which will help to divert the detrimental effect that chicken feed may have on your goats. 

Avoid Using Water:

If your goats have eaten an excessive amount of chicken feed, you need to make sure to not give water to your goats because it will make the situation more adverse.

Accordingly, the concentrates that are induced within chicken feed will be prone to swelling especially after the consumption of water which will again lead to bloating and respiratory system.

Contact Veterinarian:

If you witness that your goats’ health is deteriorating every moment, you need to contact our veterinarian as soon as possible to seek medical help.

How do I stop my goats from eating my chicken feed?

It is really important to follow the proper ways to stop your goats from eating chicken feed because, in this situation, prevention is the main thing than cure.

Separate Housing:

One of the most effective ways of making sure to stop your goats from eating chicken feed is by providing them with separate housing.

Accordingly, goats will almost eat anything in sight, especially if they are in the same pen as the chickens therefore, separate housing will ensure the prevention of such phenomena.

Separate Feeding Areas:

It is no surprise that the consumption of chicken feed will result in bloating, diarrhea, and dehydration for your goats.

Therefore, to get rid of these issues, you need to create separate feeding replacements for goats and chickens.

In addition, this will stop your goat from eating chicken feed because, by the separation of feeding areas, you are giving chicken feed to your chicken and then cleaning it up so that your goats aren’t exposed to any amount of chicken feed.

Separate Feed:

It goes without saying that chicken feed is not a substitute for goat feed therefore, you need to make sure your goats are well fed with a diet that includes variety.

Accordingly, this will ensure that your goats will not eat chicken feed and your chickens will also steer clear of goat feed.

Can goats and chickens be in the same pen?

You can technically keep goats and chickens in the same pen however, this placement of goats and chickens together may cause some serious health risks for your animals. 

In addition, one major problem you will be facing while keeping goats and chickens in the same pen is that you will notice that your goats will be prone to eating chicken feed which can have an adverse effect on your goats.

Accordingly, your goats can face severe digestive problems, bloating problems, diarrhea, and so on due to the overconsumption of chicken feed.

Although it is okay for goats and chickens to roam around in the same pen, there can still be some situations when it can cause risks for chickens.

This is because goats aren’t really mindful of regarding where they are stepping on and as a result, they may stand on the chickens’ feet thus damaging them completely.

Accordingly, one of the most common consequences that can happen by keeping goats and chickens together is related to a disease called coccidiosis which is a parasite-related disease that can be dire for both the goats and chickens. 

Additionally, another severe disease that can occur from keeping goats and chickens in the same pan is called salmonella.

What is the best feed for goats?

It is very important to find the best feed for your goats so that they not only benefit from a proper diet rather they are also safe from diseases. 

In addition, one of the best feeds for goats is hay which is a great source of nutrition and fiber.

Accordingly, it is very important that your goats’ feed is induced with proper minerals and vitamins. Vitamin A, E, D, and minerals like calcium and phosphorus are very important for your goats’ growth.

Accordingly, such type of requirements is also fulfilled by pasture because pasture is filled with high levels of energy.

Moreover, chaffhaye is another important feed for goats that is filled with minerals, vitamins, and proteins which helps with digestion and vomiting problems.

Final Thought

Although goats can eat chicken feed, however, it shouldn’t be a common practice as the consumption of chicken feed can cause detrimental health consequences for your goats. Accordingly, bloating issues and diarrhea are the main negative consequences which can also lead to dehydration in your goats.