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Can Ducks Eat Dog Food? (Explained)

Dog foods are formulated with such nutrients that offer both wild and domestic pet birds an equal source of healthy food. And it’s seen that many people feed dog foods to their domestic pet birds as treats to train them.

Therefore, if you have also got pet ducks which is also a domestic pet bird, you may really like to learn whether ducks can eat dog foods too or not.

So, let us clear the answers concerning this topic without making any further delay.

Can Ducks Eat Dog Food?

Ducks can eat dog foods. It’s because ducks are omnivores so they can eat both foods containing grains and meat/meat by elements. Besides, dog foods are enriched with essential nutrients that nourish ducks with high protein and provide their body with nutrients favorable for overall health.

Can Baby Ducks Eat Dog Food?

Baby ducks can eat dog foods as well but in a relatively small amount. Also, dog foods must be fed to the ducklings in a finely crushed form so that while swallowing it doesn’t make any ducklings choke.

Besides, dog foods are enriched with high protein and other essential nutrients like vitamins, zinc, omega acids. Therefore, feeding dog foods to growing up ducklings boost their protein level and provide their health with many beneficial nutrients.

So ducklings can have dog foods as treats that will work as a short-time protein booster.

Also, be sure that feeding dog foods to baby ducks’ in their everyday diet will make them grow up with healthy health.

Can Ducks Eat Dry Dog Foods?

Ducks surely can eat dry dog foods. In fact, dry dog foods are formulated with nutrients like wet dog foods that are really healthy for domestic pet birds. So, dry dog foods are also a considerable good source of healthy foods for ducks to consume.

However, while feeding dry dog foods, you have to keep certain things in mind. Dry dog foods are made in bite-size chunks that are suitable for dogs to munch on but if ducks eat that food directly, they can choke and have a hurtful life loss.

So, before feeding ducks dry dog foods, either crush them or moistened them to avoid choking risks. And give the dog food as a treat only, don’t feed too often.

Can Wild Ducks Eat Dry Dog Food?

Wild ducks can consume dry dog foods like any other domestic pet ducks and there is no apparent health problem is found.

Wild ducks are omnivorous as well so they really don’t mind eating dry dog foods even if they contain meat or meat-type elements. They just do perfectly fine after eating both grain-based and meat-based dry dog foods.

Besides, in terms of nutrients, dry dog foods are as good as wet dog foods and wild ducks prefer eating dry dog foods too. Because it’s changing their taste in food as well as providing nutrients that they need.

But remember that wild ducks also can eat crushed/moistened dry dog foods only.

Is It Ok To Feed Ducks Dog Food?

It’s considered okay to feed ducks dog food as long as you are feeding the chunks of dog food by moistening them with water/mixing them with water or by crushing them finely.

Precisely to say, if you are feeding your pet ducks not too big and hard pieces of dog foods that can create swallowing risks, it’s safe to feed dog foods to ducks.

Also, dog foods make an excellent nutritious meal for ducks as the animal protein in dog food increases the protein level of ducks to grow feathers decently.

But don’t just be dependent on feeding dog foods to your ducks, ducks require other foods too for having full nutrition. Feed your ducks dog food occasionally as treats only.

What Happens If Ducks Eat Dog Foods?

Ducks are generally omnivorous which means they are tolerant to both grain-based, vegetable-based, and meat-based foods.

So in general when ducks are consuming dog foods, they are gaining neat proteins that help them during the molting period to grow new feathers and have good health.

However, as every coin has two sides, dog foods have their downsides too. If your duck swallows moldy dog foods, it can be proven fatal for your ducks’ overall health. Because some molds grew up in dog food can be very toxic for duck’s health.

Moreover, big pieces of dog food can lead your duck to embrace a painful life loss due to choking on the food.

Things To Keep In Mind When Giving Your Ducks Dog Food?

As dog foods are not a commonly used food to feed ducks in general, therefore, not too many people know factors that should be considered while giving ducks dog food.

So here the considering factors are explained with justifications that you should keep in mind while feeding your ducks’ dog foods.

Avoid Feeding Big Chunks Of Dog Foods:

Dog foods generally come in small bite-sized circular/cube-shaped chunks which is suitable for dogs to chomp on and swallow. But the size of these chunks is big enough for ducks to swallow as they don’t chew food. So it can lead to choking risks.

So while giving dog foods to your ducks keep strictly in mind that these big chunks of the dog food can’t pass through duck’s gullet. As a result, they can choke on the dog foods easily, and if they can’t regurgitate the foods ducks can succumb to life loss.

Too Much Fat Causes Obesity:

As it’s known that dog foods are an excellent source for ducks to gain extra fat. Therefore, feeding too much food to ducks can cause severe obesity in them which is fatal for their health.

So keep in mind that you can’t give dog foods too often to your ducks as the only food. Because dog foods are rich in fat in comparison to other duck foods. Feeding dog food regularly can lead to adiposity and it can harm ducks.

Moldy Dog Foods Endanger Lives:

Dog foods are prone to get molds easily if the foods are stored in a place with high humidity and in times of the monsoon seasons. If these moldy foods are fed to ducks, their lives will severely be jeopardized.

Therefore, every time remember that you must never give moldy dog foods to your ducks as there are different kinds of molds that are life-threatening for ducks.

Excess Protein Causes Angel Wing:

By now it’s already known to you that dog foods are high in protein as they contain meat supplements which can increase the protein level of ducks.

However, consuming excess protein than your ducks’ biological system need can cause health issues such as angel wing.

So, bear in mind that you should never feed too much dog food as your ducks can be affected with angel wing disorder which causes physical deformity. And if this happens, the wings of your ducks’ will stick out rather than lying flat against the ducks’ bodies.


Several dog foods contain duck meat as one of the sources of meat proteins. So feeding those dog foods to your ducks can arouse cannibalism in them which can change the natural bird behavior in ducks, therefore, your ducks can act aggressively.

So bear in mind that you must feed dog food as little as possible to avoid aggression in them.

How Do I Feed My Duck Dog Food?

Ducks can consume dog foods in several ways. Therefore, this section has included explanations of some common and risk-free methods to feed dog food to your ducks.


You can finely mash the dog foods and then can feed your ducks. Smoothly mashed dog foods will leave not bigger bits, so while swallowing it will avoid choking threat.

So, very carefully discard any big chunks of dog foods and mash finely before feeding your duck.

With Water:

You can simply mix the chunks of dog foods with water and moisten them. So that your ducks can gulp the foods while drinking water without choking.

Mixed With Usual Food:

There is always the option of mixing up dog foods with your ducks’ usual food while feeding them. It will soften the dog food as well as will offer the ducks a variation in food.

As Treats:

Just like dog foods works as treat for dogs, you can feed dog food to your ducks in the same way. You can feed them a very small portion of dog food as a treat every day to boost their digestion.

Never feed your ducks big chunks of dog foods directly as they can choke on food and lose life.

Will Ducks Eat Dog Food?

Ducks will eat dog foods without complaining much. It’s because dog foods are different from their regular foods, so they take dog foods as delicious treats and eat them.

Also, mixing dog foods with their daily food changes the taste and brings variation which ducks like to consume that makes clear that ducks will consume dog foods.

What Foods Are Poisonous To Ducks?

Here is a list of foods that are considered poisonous to ducks.

  • Bread
  • Junk foods (chips, popcorn, donuts, crackers)
  • Cereal
  • Citrus fruits
  • Dairy foods (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.)
  • Caffeine
  • Sweets  
  • Salty foods
  • Potatoes, green tomatoes, eggplant, onion
  • Moldy foods
  • Avocado

Final Thoughts:

Dog foods are a safer food option for ducks to consume as long as it’s given in small portions and moistened with water or mixed up with other foods. Also, dog foods provide ducks with vital nutrients that they need for having good health. So ducks surely can eat dog foods.