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Can Birds Eat Corn on the Cob? (Read This First!)

If you have a cornfield, and you don’t have a fence and any protective fence, different wild animals will come and eat the corn to a great extent. You cannot even understand their eating habits and the time to deter them.

Therefore, some steps should be taken to hinder those animals from coming to your field. You can also identify the reason why they are eating your corn. If you search for this question, you will know that corn is an excellent food source for most animals.

Can birds eat corn on the cob?

The birds can eat corn on the cob. They find an affordable source to meet their food requirements from the corn cob. But overeating corn on the cob might ruin the bird’s health and create health issues. If you have pet birds, you may follow a diet plan and provide corn kernels accordingly.

You cannot only make the entire diet chart depending on the corn. There must be some other foods in the list that you must include for different nutrients and can be used to grow your birds naturally.

If you only provide the corn, your bird will be sluggish and will gain some extra fat, nothing else.

Therefore, you must know how much you should offer to your birds and what would be the suitable amount for them. To make it easier, we came up with a list of different corn cobs. Let’s get the perfect food.

Raw or uncooked corn on the cob:

The birds can eat raw or uncooked corn on the cob. There will be no issues; instead, the birds will love to eat the raw kernels or the uncooked corn on the cob.

They are safe and don’t contain any added salt or extra sugar that might damage the bird’s health.

If you have the option to provide raw foods, you should avoid all the readymade foods for your birds. The readymade foods are not suited for their growth. You might get all the nutrients from the pre-made foods, but it is not done for the birds’ health.  

Cooked corn on the cob:

Although the birds can eat the cooked corn on the cob, you should never offer your bird’s pet the cooked corn on the cob.

Because of the added sugar and salt, the cooked corn on the cob contains unusual nutrients that are not suitable for the bird’s health. If you have any concerns regarding the raw foods, you may consult with a vet.

But you should never offer the cooked corn to your bird’s pet. Also, they will fail to digest the food due to the excessive salt and added sugar.

Dried corn on the cob:

The birds can also eat the dried corn on the cob, but the amount needs to be minimum.

If you offer too much of dried corn on the cob, you should never provide too much extra dried corn to your birds. The corn might be stuck to the throat and fail to digest correctly.

But the field-dried corn is safe for the birds. They can extract the soft part from the corn and digest very soon without being damaged or facing digestion problems.

Can wild birds eat corn on the cob?

Wild birds can eat corn on the cob. It is a terrific option for supplying wild birds with nourishment. When looking for the best foods to feed wild birds, corn on the cob is a nutritious option.

Natural and minimal sugar content means that wild birds can indulge in this delight in moderation without gaining weight. Corn on the cob contains a high concentration of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Is corn on the cob good for birds to eat?

Corn on the cob is good for birds to eat. There are no toxic components in corn on the cob that cause it to be dangerous to birds. Many birds find corn to be just as nutritious as it is for humans. Almost all of the birds enjoy whole kernels of corn.

Many ground-feeding birds also enjoy whole kernels of corn. This can help improve your bird’s vision, digestion, and beak health. As a bonus, corn on the cob will keep your bird occupied for a while.

What are the health benefits of corn for birds?

You will get the below health benefits of corn for birds. They will influence you to offer corn to your birds.


Birds take pleasure in pecking at their food and squeezing delicacies from out of the most inaccessible places.

That is a natural foraging instinct, and individual grains of corn contributes to this behavior’s development.  Fruit and vegetables such as fresh corn are luscious, enabling birds to participate fully in the meal-time activity.

Better Digestion:

Corn prevents digestive Issues from occurring. Corn is abundant in fiber, which makes it an excellent food for preventing digestive disorders in the first place.

Large amounts of cellulose, an insoluble fiber, are particularly notable in this product.

Eye Care:

Corn includes a high concentration of antioxidants, particularly carotenoids.

This nutrient is well known for imparting a yellow or orange color to plants. It’s most commonly found in carrots, and it’s been shown to promote eye health studies.

Vitamin C:

Corn is a good source of vitamin C. For birds, which are much smaller species, a few rice grains are sufficient nutrition.

Vitamin C serves various functions in the body, including its beneficial effect on the immune system.

Can you feed birds corn on the cob?

You can feed the birds corn on the cob. They are safe and suitable for the bird’s health too. But you must be careful when you offer the whole corn on the cob because your birds might fail to eat the soft part and face eating problems.

If you want to feed your birds with the corn on the cob, you should break the corn into small pieces and help your birds eat them quickly.

It won’t take too much time, but a significant effect will be. You will love to see that your pet is quickly eating the corn on the cob.

What birds eat corn on the cob?

Although the corn on the cob is a safe and healthy food for most birds, you cannot offer this food to all the birds since they have different tastes and requirements.


The parrots can eat the corn on the cob since corn is their favorite food. You will find two main reasons parrots love to eat corn on the cob. First, the corn is sweet, and parrots and other birds love to eat the sweet corn.

Another reason is the digestion issue. Your parrot will love to eat corn because of the easy digestion. They will love to eat and digest the food quickly.


The budgies will also love to eat the corn on the cob. They find it very healthy and love to eat the soft corn from the cob.

It helps them grow naturally, and they find it easy to digest, for which they can eat the corn on the cob.


The parakeets can also eat the corn on the cob. They love to fly shortly and sit on the corn tree to have some snacks and enjoy their meal.

If you have parakeets, you can offer them with the corn and let them eat and digest soon.

How to feed birds corn on the cob?

You can feed birds with corn on the cob with the following tips. They will give you the best and safest way to feed your birds with corn on the cob.

By Your Hand:

If you have small birds that don’t know how to eat correctly, you may offer the corn and feed them by hand.

It will help them grow naturally and fill their stomach with corn and other foods. You can take some corn and offer the corn in front of the birds.

Mix with other foods:

If your birds are adults and don’t want to feed by hand, you can mix the corn with different foods and offer the mixture. It will be a great and one of the best ways to feed your birds with corn.

Feed on the Plants:

When you cultivate the corn in your field and have the parakeets or other pet birds, you should free them in the garden and let them eat independently. It will be the best way to feed your birds with the corn on the cob.

Final thoughts

Birds can eat corn on the cob if you can offer them the right amount of food. You should never make the meal with corn; there should be some other foods that will complete the meal and ensure other nutrients. If your birds overeat the corn, they will face health issues, including growth.