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5-Bedroom 2-Story Tudor-Style Home With Lower Level Options (Floor Plan)


  • 4,175 Sq Ft
  • 4-5 Beds
  • 5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Hey there, dream home enthusiasts!

Ever wanted to live like royalty without the inconvenience of a drafty castle?

Well, pull up a chair and let me tell you about this stunner of a Tudor-style house plan. I’m not kidding; this house might just be the stuff of fairytales.

You know those houses that make you slam the brakes just to get a second look? Yeah, this is one of those.

With its Tudor-style exterior, it exudes character and charisma that might just make the neighborhood squirrels a tad bit jealous. If houses could wink, this one would be giving everyone the sly eye, saying, “Yeah, I’ve got the look.”

Now, step inside and try not to drop your jaw. Those coffered ceilings in the great room? They’re like the chocolate chips in your cookie – you didn’t know you needed them until you had them. They don’t just add visual interest; they practically scream sophistication (but in a very polite, indoor voice, of course).

Large sliding doors? Check. Terrace with possibly the best sunset view? Double-check. Filling your lavish living space with natural sunlight as if Apollo himself decided to drop by for tea? Triple-check! Plus, who needs artificial lighting when the sun’s got your back? Literally.

Moving on to the heart of the home. If you’re like me and have two left hands in the kitchen, worry not. With a massive island, even our clumsiest dance moves can’t knock anything over. And yes, it offers so much workspace you might just start confusing yourself for a MasterChef contestant.

Ever wanted to enjoy outdoor dining without having to donate blood to the local mosquito population? The screened porch is your savior. Enjoy breezy dinners and sunlit breakfasts without a single bug buzzing in your ear. Unless it’s a really persistent one, in which case, good luck.

Your own oasis awaits! Secluded from the chaos (read: kids, pets, surprise visitors), the master suite on the main level is like that VIP lounge in a club. Luxurious, spacious, and whispering sweet nothings about privacy. And the en suite? It has those five fixtures that make you feel like every day’s a spa day.

Venture upstairs and you’ll find it’s the kiddos’ domain. Three additional bedrooms – each armed with their own bathrooms (so no more morning queue or toothpaste wars). And because we believe in miracles, there’s also a library and playroom. Homework and playdates? Sorted.

You might think, “this is already so dreamy, what more can I ask for?” But wait, there’s more! Fancy a movie night? Or maybe just a cool space to hang out?

The optional lower level is the gift that keeps on giving. Game room, walk-behind bar (for when you feel fancy), guest suite, and a theater. I mean, who needs to step outside ever again?

This Tudor-style house plan isn’t just a house. It’s a statement. It’s the dream.

And if houses could talk, this one would modestly say, “Yeah, I’ve got it all.” Whether you’re a movie buff, a culinary wizard, or just someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this house plan checks all the boxes. So, who’s up for a housewarming party?

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