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4-Bedroom Single-Story New Acadian House With Brick and Board and Batten Exterior (Floor Plan)


  • 3,175 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Picture this: a one-story haven nestled in a serene environment, wrapped in an enticing mix of brick and board and batten exterior, and extending a warm welcome with its charm and Acadian grace.

Welcome, my dear reader, to a tour through a 3,175 sq ft, 4-bed, 3-bath masterpiece, and let’s pretend we’re strolling through our future home, shall we?

As we approach the 33’6″ by 8′ entry porch, it’s not merely the doors that greet us, but a splendid false dormer sitting quaintly above a pair of inviting French doors, whispering tales of architectural finesse and welcoming vibes. But wait, that’s not it!

The entrance doesn’t stop at being just picturesque.

It’s a practical spectacle with that cozy porch offering a spacious lounging area, where one can sip on a late-afternoon tea while witnessing the sundown.

Who knew elegance and practicality could have such a splendid rendezvous?

Swinging the French doors open, we’re immediately embraced by 19’ ceilings, masterfully crafted to offer both space and a touch of dramatic flair.

As I twirl (metaphorically, of course) through the foyer, which generously unveils the family room and dining area, I can’t help but daydream about the resplendent dinner parties and cozy family nights that space is yearning for.

And ah, the kitchen!

A culinary haven nestled gracefully on the right, flaunting a magnanimous island that doesn’t just offer a generous 4”6″ by 9′ working space but also effortlessly seats up to five people.

Can you imagine the bustling breakfast mornings, the midnight snack runs, and the intimate heart-to-hearts that would grace that island?

And with a butler’s pantry connecting it to the dining room, along with a spacious walk-in pantry, storage woes will surely be tales of the past!

Sauntering behind the garage, a game room adorned with French doors winks at us cheekily, promising countless nights of fun, games, and hearty laughter.

Just adjacent, Bed 4 not only ensures cozy slumbers but also gifts its occupant with a generous walk-in closet, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t secretly dream of that extra storage space?

Journeying across our hypothetical home, the master bedroom demands admiration, not just for its spacious demeanor, but for the dual walk-in closets that are nothing short of a luxury haven.

The adjoining bathroom doesn’t just promise relaxation, it guarantees a pampered lifestyle, with its thoughtfully designed space whispering tales of bubble baths and tranquility.

Sitting regally at the home’s front are two additional beds, generously offering comfort and sharing a Jack and Jill bath that effortlessly marries convenience with coziness.

So, there we have it, a wander through a one-story, Acadian house plan that not only promises the comfort of 4 beds and the convenience of 3 baths but invites us into a world where every brick, every board, and every batten is meticulously curated to transform a mere dwelling into a home where dreams nestle gently.

From the inviting facade adorned with a blend of brick, board, and batten, to the false dormer that stands as a testament to architectural elegance, and the luxuriously spacious interiors that promise both conviviality and repose, this house isn’t just a structure.

It’s a dream patiently awaiting to welcome its dreamers into a realm where every corner, every beam, and every window narrates a story of homely bliss.

And as we metaphorically exit this picturesque abode, the blend of elegance, comfort, and practicality lingers in our thoughts, gently coaxing us to contemplate the myriad of memories that could potentially unfurl within these beautifully crafted walls.

I bid you adieu, dear reader, hoping this little jaunt through an Acadian masterpiece has ignited dreams, aspirations, and perhaps, a gentle nudge towards crafting your own haven where stories await to be woven amidst bricks and battens.

Isn’t it fascinating how a mere house plan can unfurl into a vibrant tapestry of dreams, possibilities, and heartfelt stories just waiting to be lived?

Ah, the splendid journey from blueprint to reality – it’s nothing short of magic, encapsulated within walls and beams, don’t you think?

Plan 56485SM