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3-Bedroom 2-Story Modern Cottage House with 2-Story Foyer and Family Room (Floor Plan)


  • 1,812 Sq Ft
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Cars

If you’re picturing the Goldilocks of modern cottages – not too big, not too small, but just right – you might just have stumbled upon the porridge that feels just right for your taste (minus the bears, of course).

Ah, the exterior!

That thing that makes you pause a second longer as you drive up, giving your neighbors that sly grin like you just discovered your favorite chocolate bar hidden in the back of the pantry.

The combo of a stone chimney with brick and lap siding doesn’t just scream “elegance,” it belts it out like a diva at a karaoke night.

And that shed dormer above the entrance?

It’s like the cherry on top of an architectural sundae.

Walking in, prepare for your jaw to take a short vacation to the floor.

Adjacent to the splendid 2-story entry is a family room so warm and inviting; you’d half-expect it to offer you a cup of hot cocoa.

With its cathedral ceiling and exposed beams, it’s as if this room just draped a casual designer outfit and is nonchalantly asking, “Oh, this old thing?”

If you ever dreamed of dancing from your kitchen to your dining room while flipping pancakes – and who hasn’t, right? – you’re in for a treat.

The kitchen and dining area flow seamlessly, making every meal a potential scene from a musical.

Plus, with a kitchen island so large, you can practice your pancake flips with confidence.

And for those moments you’re convinced you bought too many snacks (is there such a thing?), that walk-in pantry comes to the rescue.

Moving on up (literally) to the second level, we find our trio of dream chambers.

The master bedroom, with its decorative trayed ceiling, isn’t just a place to sleep, but a realm where every night feels like a five-star hotel stay.

And for the romantics out there, that Juliet balcony overlooking the family room?

It’s perfect for whispered “Goodnights” or dramatic readings of, well, Romeo and Juliet.

The master bathroom doesn’t shy away either.

Dual vanities (because we all need our space), an enclosed toilet area for those moments of, ahem, serenity, and a walk-in closet that might occasionally whisper, “Go on, buy another pair of shoes.”

Bedrooms 2 and 3, cozy and chic, share a hall bathroom.

It’s the kind of setup that makes even the Monday-est of Mondays feel like a lazy Sunday.

In conclusion, this 1,812 Sq Ft, 3-bed modern cottage house plan is more than just a house; it’s a statement.

It tells the world you value tradition but aren’t afraid to jazz things up a bit.

It’s perfect for families, aspiring pancake-flippers, and everyone in between.

If homes could wink, this one would be giving you a cheeky one right now.

So, ready to move in?

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