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3-Bedroom 1-Story Batten Cottage With Dual Porch (Floor Plan)


  • 1,295 Sq Ft
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.5 Baths
  • 1 Stories

In a world obsessed with going big, there’s a quaint 3 bed, 2 bath country cottage home plan that brings cozy back in vogue, while keeping modern comforts firmly within grasp.

Tucked beneath a durable metal roof, this charming abode presents a fine blend of rustic aesthetics and contemporary design spread across 1,295 square feet of heated living space.

It’s more than just a dwelling; it’s a retreat from the hustle of the daily grind into the comforting embrace of simplicity and nature.

Aboard this narrative, let’s saunter through the welcoming front porch, through the inviting open spaces, to the cozy rear porch awaiting your arrival every evening.

As you step onto the 153 square-foot front porch, you’re met with a promise of serene mornings with coffee in hand, and tranquil evenings with a canopy of stars above.

The porch, measuring 17′ wide and 9′ deep, is your introduction to a haven crafted with love.

It’s not just an entrance, but a transition into a world where worries shrink and joys magnify.

Through the main doorway, you’re embraced by an expansive living and dining area that exudes warmth and camaraderie.

The open-space concept entices meaningful conversations and hearty laughter to ricochet through the rooms, creating memories with every echo.

As daylight graciously pours through generous windows, it dances on the 10′ volume ceilings adding a touch of whimsy to the quaint cottage charm.

Venture further and the aroma of home-cooked meals lures you into a well-appointed kitchen.

Anchored by a 3’10” by 6′ island with seating, this kitchen isn’t just for hurried breakfasts but for hearty meals shared over stories of the day.

The cherry on top?

A stylish sink that overlooks the back porch, offering a slice of the outdoors while you rinse the day’s worries away along with the dishes.

Along the left, a private alcove unfolds with the master bedroom nestled in the front, a peaceful refuge after a long day.

Beds 2 and 3 reside towards the back, sharing a well-equipped hall bath, offering each occupant a corner to call their own.

Privacy blended with camaraderie, isn’t that what home is all about?

No modern haven is complete without a dedicated laundry area, and this design doesn’t skimp on that.

Located off the rear entry, it’s a reminder that amid the rustic charm, convenience isn’t compromised.

And as you step out onto the rear porch, 11’2″ wide and 11’4″ deep, the blend of indoor and outdoor living comes full circle.

It’s more than a porch; it’s your gateway to the outdoors, a place where morning musings and evening reflections find a voice against the tranquil backdrop.

This abode isn’t merely a shelter but a realm where every nook narrates tales of simplicity, comfort, and a life well-lived.

In a space that’s under 1300 square feet, every square inch is designed with a purpose, with a promise of a life that’s anything but small.

The board and batten exterior whispers tales of timeless countryside charm, while modern amenities nestled within echo a lifestyle of contemporary comfort.

Every evening as the sun casts long shadows on the board and batten facade, you’ll be reminded of the charm that compact living unfurls.

Each morning as the countryside awakens with the chirp of birds, the day promises new adventures right from the heart of a home that’s as full of character as it is of love.

So, welcome home, to a place where less is more and small is beautiful.

In this humble abode, every day is a journey from the bustling life outside to the serene, comforting quaintness within.

And as you’ll soon discover, it’s a journey well worth making, every single day.

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