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2-Story 4-Car Barn Style Garage with Tractor Port and Vaulted Loft (Floor Plan)


  • 1,029 Sq Ft
  • 2 Stories
  • 4 Cars

Hey there, fellow home enthusiasts!

Today, we’re diving into a gem of a house plan that’s a dream come true for car lovers and practical folks alike.

Imagine a cozy, yet spacious haven that not only shelters your beloved vehicles but also tucks in a nifty tractor port.

Welcome to the world of a Car Barn with Tractor Port!

Let’s cut to the chase – this isn’t your average garage.

We’re talking about a whopping 1,029 square feet of pure, unadulterated car and tractor bliss.

Picture this: a grand 36′ by 36′ structure, standing proud, ready to embrace up to four cars.

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just a car barn; it’s a sanctuary for your tractor as well.

Nestled at the back, under a protective shed roof, your trusty tractor rests, safe from the harsh whims of rain and snow.

Now, let’s explore the vertical aspect.

This isn’t a single-story, mundane space.

Oh no, we’ve got two stories here!

The ground floor is all about your vehicles – roomy, accessible, and practical.

But the real magic happens upstairs.

Ever dreamed of a vaulted loft?

Well, dream no more!

This loft isn’t just a room; it’s a cavernous space that screams storage potential.

Christmas decorations, your vintage comic book collection, or maybe those boxes you’ve been meaning to sort through since 2010 – everything finds a place here.

Space Galore: 1,029 square feet is no joke.

It’s the kind of space that makes you want to twirl around with joy.

Or, you know, park four cars with ease.

Two Stories = Double the Fun: More than just parking, this plan gives you the luxury of space and organization.

The upper loft is like that bonus level in a video game – unexpected but totally awesome.

Tractor Love: Tractors need love too!

And what better way to show it than a dedicated port, sheltered from the elements?

It’s like a little tractor spa retreat.

Aesthetics Meet Function: The vaulted loft isn’t just functional; it adds an aesthetic charm.

It’s like your car barn is flexing its architectural muscles.

Protective Shelter: That shed roof is not just a design element; it’s your tractor’s knight in shining armor, shielding it from rain and snow.

Now, let’s talk customization.

This plan is like a canvas waiting for your personal touch.

Maybe you want to add some solar panels on the roof for an eco-friendly twist.

Or how about turning part of that loft into a cozy man cave or a she-shed?

The possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, this car barn with a tractor port isn’t just a structure; it’s a lifestyle choice.

It’s for those who cherish their vehicles, adore practicality, and yearn for that extra bit of space.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a farmer, or just someone who loves a bit of extra room, this plan has something for everyone.

So, gear up and get ready to make this dream plan a reality in your life!

Plan 68766VR