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1-Story 3-Bedroom Northwest Ranch Home With Vaulted Great Room (Floor Plan)


  • 2,910 Sq Ft
  • 3 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Ahoy, home enthusiasts!

Ever wondered what happens when you blend a dash of craftsman elegance with contemporary convenience?

Spoilers – you get this dazzling Northwest Ranch home plan. Let’s take a roller-coaster ride through this architectural wonder, shall we?

Our journey begins with an impeccable Craftsman detailing that shouts sophistication. Then, there’s the angled garage – because, why should garages be straight-laced (or straight-faced)? This little twist (literally) will make your house stand out like the queen of a high school prom.

Step into the house, and be ready to be hit by an impeccable view. The foyer, quite the dramatic entrance, offers a visual treat, leading your eyes straight through the vaulted expanse of the great room, and teasing you with a glimpse of the rear patio. Talk about making an entrance!

Next up, the heart of the home. This plan gifts you with an open, airy feel, merging the kitchen, dining room, and the great room.

And that ceiling? Vaulting up to a majestic 15 feet. Whether you’re flipping pancakes or doing the salsa, you’ve got space to stretch and twirl!

Any chef’s (or midnight snacker’s) dream – a kitchen that boasts of an extra-long island that’s 4′ by 11′. Perfect for those elaborate dinner preparations or just a place to unload all those grocery bags. With measurements like 15′ by 17′, I dare say this kitchen might just be bigger than some city apartments!

To the left wing, we have the pièce de résistance: the master suite. Complete with a built-in media center (because who wants to get out of bed to watch their favorite show?), and French doors that guide you to the rear patio.

Morning coffee or nighttime star-gazing, this patio’s got you covered. And that walk-in closet? It’s so big; you might lose yourself while picking an outfit. Don’t miss the charming window seat; perfect for daydreamers or just tying your shoes.

Moving to the opposite side, you find two spacious family bedrooms. And, wait for it, they BOTH have walk-in closets. Yup, no more fighting over space! Roommates, siblings, or guests – everyone gets their fair share.

Ever entered a house and wondered where to dump those muddy shoes or dripping umbrellas? This house plan thought of that. With built-in storage and benches right off the back entry from the garage, say goodbye to messy entries.

A whopping 9′ by 13′ laundry room is discreetly tucked away. Roomy enough to not just wash and dry, but maybe even to have a little dance party while waiting for that spin cycle to finish!

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk garages. With space for 3 cars, there’s a larger door that stands at a grand 18′-wide and 8′-high, and a slightly more petite one at 10′-wide and 8′-high.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just have too much stuff (no judgment here), this garage has got you covered.

So there you have it, folks! A Northwest Ranch Home Plan that’s less of a house and more of a haven. It’s spacious, sophisticated, and a tad sassy!

A perfect blend of luxury and comfort. If homes could take selfies, this one would be breaking the internet right now!

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